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Each author dreams about getting their book published, no matter if you do this via a publicist or via a self-publishing platform you need it correctly formatted. For some this can be a struggle so let me do it for you. I offer different packages and possibilities…

I will help you design the layouts and format it to the size you desire and format no matter if this printed or an eBook.

  • All work will be confidential and discreet.

  • Payments/invoice go via Paypal

  • As many revisions as  you need to get your work to the standard you want is included in every price.

  • When in doubt I deliver in time or just because you are being careful you can also book a full book format via Fiverr (click here)


Format forms available .docx, .pdf (any form), .kpf (Amazon Kindle) and .epub (in any form)

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