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Amna Rahimoon

Amna Rahimoon has been working proactively for years in the publishing industry. She started as proofreader at major publishing firms in the USA, UK, Europe and the Australian region. She developed into an editor over time and then acquired all the necessary publishing industry skills. From those times of learning and development, she is now successful on Upwork and Fiverr as Top Rated Freelancers, and also works remotely with copious international publishers, bestsellers, and indie authors.


M. Dutchy about Amna:

“Working with Amna is a pleasure. She is good, helpful, and keeps your writing style alive while editing. If you look up what an editor is, it says; ‘Editors are responsible for checking facts, spelling, grammar, and punctuation’. As a not native speaker, an editor is important, what I learned the hard way by my first book. Having an editor is important. My experience with Amna is great. She helped me out when I was in real trouble, listened to me, and together we worked on getting to a better product. She is an editor who keeps the author's style alive. A lot of editors will try to put their own stamp on the book. Amna doesn’t! She takes direction well and works with you to great results”



More about Amna Rahimoon and her editor service on:

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