2020 A published year…

Dear Readers,

When you write a book it is your baby, your achievement and foremost your pride. Publishing, with all the tools available not so difficult but doing it without any experience was maybe not my best choice this year. I published, and I fell hard, so to speak. I’m handy with computers, making an epub or even a kindle version of my book was easy but publishing, OMG I was wrong.

Platforms as @amazonkdp or @ingramspark make it looks so easy and in fact it is but the backslash for publishing a book without knowing what your doing is wasting money. I published Foresthill A New Beginning at the beginning of March. I was so proud until the feedback came in. People called me stupid told me to stop writing because I didn’t edit my book correctly. After being burned and so much tears, I got myself off the ground and hired an editor. The stories about my failure regarding editors in known by now. I found through a network page Amna Rahimoon she became my editor. Wow I’m happy with her. She is patience with me, told me and showed me what was wrong. Finally, we have a good end result. A book that makes me proud but also a book that is stained by my choices to publish it unedited. I was cocky and thought I knew it all. While I have now a great product, the stains of those choices stay visible. @goodreads, for example, I did giveaways there. People received a book for free. I informed as many people as I could that a new version was coming. I offered even new once, but people didn’t respond instead they give bad reviews and I can’t do anything about it. I wise and hard lesson.

Book two, Children of the Night part two of the series, is coming in 2021. This one will be edited, and all I learned from book one, I take with me to book two. To all of you that supported me, thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

2020 was global and economical, a terrible year. There is hope so too, and for us all! So dear readers… Rise from the ashes of 2020 and build on and hope for a better 2021….

Read, learn and love

M. Dutchy

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