I updated the covers for the Foresthill book series…

Sometimes you are just not happy with something.

‘If you are not completely happy with the look of your books, change them!’

is what my friend said when I was complaining about the look of my books. From the beginning on I was not happy with the look and was I looking for improvement. When I told my family that I was not happy they said the same. Not happy change it! So I did…

Will it influence my readers?

Yes it probably will but in the end I hope my readers understand that all of this is to make the reading experience better. I’m not a professional publisher or publicist, for me this whole process is a learning curve.

Self-publishing is a learning process

When you write a book and want others to read them and give them a view in your world, you get overwhelmed with possibilities. You can find a publicist but that is easier said than done, while there are even more choices the easiest path to take is to self-publish it but than you are overloaded with possibilities. Each new author will make mistakes in this, even when you try to be perfect. Learn from your mistakes. (Re-)Invent yourself when you need but always remember to keep your head up and stay positive. Do not publish your book because you think you will become rich but publish your book for others to enjoy.

Criticism take it, learn from it!

People will criticize you, people won’t by your book on demand, not everyone will like your book or it characters but don’t get it get to you. Listen to your readers, learn from the mistake your make and go further. Make improvement whenever you can. I love to read and sometimes I come across a story I love but things could be better. I would understand that the writer will improve things, so will I…

Hater will be Haters!

Some people live to hate people, online or even in real life. Ignore them, attention is what they want. There is a big difference from people giving you criticism with an underbuilding and to improve and people just giving critic because they can. Take what you need and leave the haters behind…

I’m proud at my work

My books are my work, my pride and I loved writing them. I’m proud that I can let other people read them. Of course not everyone will like the story not all like the genre but that said there will be people like me that just love it….

Love, learn & read a lot 😉

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