Self-publishing is hard! Wise lessons for me publishing my first book Foresthill – A New Beginning…

Let's start by saying I’m not rich, far from it.

After shopping my book or in other words sending it to big publishers, it never worked out. Before I did this, I had people, even strangers read my manuscript and they loved it so I send it out. I never had any response so I decided to self-publish.

They make it look so easy. #amazonkdp and other #selfpublishing options make publishing your book easy that is a fact, only getting things straight and selling the books is a completely different story. Yes, marketing you can control and it is something you can learn, and by mistakes you learn, but the way to an end product is hard.

If you publish through a ‘normal’ published house (the big giants) you have a big budget, most of the time, for editors, marketing, etc. You have experts to help you.

When you walk the road of self-publishing it is not easy. People try to take advantage of you. I got burned in the last 10 months a lot. Editors who didn’t deliver, editors who made promises and took my money but then disappeared. In the end now on October 18, 2020, I finally have a good finished product that makes me happy.

My story regarding editors is one of horror! Two took my deposit and run, one did some work but kept asking for more money and one told me straight out that nobody would ever work for my budget. In the end and a lot of tears later I finally found someone willing to help me edit and make an end product. Here were some obstacles due to delays and bad planning on my part but today I have a book that makes me proud.

The marketing is something that is my fold, sites as offer you great promotions the only thing I did not see coming is the critic people give on things. Feedback is good but people forget sometimes that people also have feelings.

In the end, there is a product. I’m proud of my first book Foresthill A New Beginning, but I, defiantly, will do things better and different by the second part of the series. Foresthill Children of the Night.

Why do I write this? Because I’m proud of myself for not giving up! Grateful for the people that did try to help me in the end and I feel loved by my family who catches me every time I fall and help me get up.

To all that want to self-publish a book: You don’t get rich but in the end it is worth it. Be proud at your writing and don’t stop because whatever the reason is that you write, it is yours and it’s your art!

#newauthor #staytruetoyourself #nevergiveup

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