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Everything you would like to know about my book series Foresthill a fantasy world of vampires, witches, fairies and much more...

I’m M. Dutchy, author of the book series Foresthill. A fantasy novels about a young detective who’s half-witch and half-vampire. Her unexpected journey into her family past and secrets…

At this moment two books are published, part 1 A New Beginning and part 2 Children of the Night. Part 3 Knight of Darkness is in the process of getting finished.

About me:

I’m born and raised in the Netherlands. I love adventure a good book, and I love my pets. I started to write to clear my head. I love writing. As probably a lot of amateur writers I only don’t have enough time to do it 😊

Last week I was asked what my dream would be regarding writing and my honest answer to that is that I hope my readers love my books as much as I do. I will keep writing because I love it and treasure it. I’m in it for the stories.

What will the future hold?

What the future holds at this moment I’m not sure about. I want to finish part 3 of the Series and in the mean time part 1 will be released in Dutch but for the rest we need to hold on and see….

Curious about it keep following my blog, and for all off you curious about my books press here

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